95% of Online Businesses Never Make Money – So Why Would You Even Consider It?

Attracted by the idea of being your own boss, of not having to travel to work every day, by not having to manage staff who constantly irritate you and under perform?

Do you really want to be in full control of you your life where you can really influence and impact the lives of those you love in a powerful and positive way. Attracted by having a lifestyle where you can spend more time with family and less time at the behest of others?.

For many people this is their dream and for many this is what becomes their reality. For others, lack of success in their business can negatively impact their lives and not just the business element.

So whats the difference between the successful people and the ones who are less successful, even by their own standards.

The figures quoted are often in excess of a 90% failure rate. Would you gamble on anything else in life that had such poor statistics.

Would you allow a doctor to operate on you if he told you that he had a 10% success rate?

It really does start with the basics.

Its very important to understand why exactly you are doing this in the first place. Is it a fleeting thought or is it a whim.

Will you give this your all? Will you give up some of the luxuries that you present yourself with currently?

What are the consequences for you if you do not succeed and what are the rewards for you when you make a success of your venture?

By establishing your “why” with passion, you begin to link the business rewards with your greater purpose in life. You must believe that this is possible and the people that you relate must understand this as well.

A well publicized fact is that “you become what you think about” and that you must be able to document this and articulate it all the time. Thinking about it alone will not suffice. Sustained well though out smart work over an extended timeframes with accountability is required.

I recently met a new online entrepreneur who had just entered his third week of business. The frustrations were already showing.

“I’ve been working so hard on this and I have nothing to show” he wailed. “I’ve tried all the strategies – none of them work” he whined.

Hang on- its only been three weeks. Very little actual work has been done, very little time has actually been invested in this and to consider giving up at this point is silly.

I also met a lady recently who was successful in business and she explained that she was following a proven system. She explained that the the only unknown factor in the equation was the individual – the system works – follow the system.

Following a system can be the challenge for many “entrepreneurs” who felt that they left all that behind when they quit their jobs. Not true. Discipline in following a system is one of the differences between success and failure.

There is no need to “learn from your mistakes”. It takes way too long and very often you just run out of time.

Learn from people who have already done what you aspire do – to the letter!

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